Owen Moore

International Event Rider and British Eventing Accredited Trainer

owen moore eventing


‘Owen is one of the nicest, most experienced and gifted teachers on the circuit today and his ability to develop strong and trusting horse and rider partnerships is unsurpassed. We have a very similar philosophy when it comes to creating a solid foundation for a horse to build its eventing career on. Having competed along side Owen for many years, from Novice to Badminton, I have always noted his thoughtful and gentle approach towards his horses so I had no hesitation to ask him to ride my horses for me. From educating youngsters to qualifying my advanced rides for their first three stars he gives 110% every time - the invaluable insight he gives, you will struggle to find or learn elsewhere. His methods, his eye for detail, his total understanding of the correct way of going, and above all, his dedication and willingness to listen make him one of the best trainers in the UK today.’
- Tina Cook

‘I have utmost respect for Owen not only on a personal level but as a trainer, rider, and mentor. He is thorough, considered, and correct in his training methods which guarantee a happy horse and rider partnership. An expert communicator, he adapts his training methods so you do the right thing at the right time for the horse as an individual – no gaps are left in a horse’s education, and no short cuts taken. I have previously given 2 horses to Owen to ride for me, both of which he successfully evented. His experience and advice are invaluable and he provides his pupils with an air of quiet confidence that will see them through to the top - without doubt, he is one of the best.’
- Carl Hester

‘I have known Owen for the last 20 years in a professional capacity. Over the last 20 years or so Owen has become widely known as an accomplished event rider, horse producer and trainer. He has been a top international rider for years, having ridden at all levels of competition to a very high standard and produced a number of horse that have gone onto top level with other riders. His patient way with horses and riders alike make him a popular coach and his riders do him proud at every level. His stable management is of an extremely high standard with horses turned out immaculately. On a personal level he is well respected, much liked, and I have no hesitation in recommending him.’
- Sir Mark Todd

‘I have always highly regarded Owen’s talent as a rider and horseman since I first saw him riding in the early nineties. He has helped me in my time as an event rider with training at home and at competitions. In my comeback to eventing, more recently I had the opportunity to work with Owen at Headley Stud, and realised that his great touch and quality of riding was as fresh as ever. His knowledge on how to make a horse give you its very best is second to none.’
- Luis Alvarez Cervera, Olympic Rider for Show Jumping and Eventing

‘I have known Owen for more than 25 years. In my opinion he is a consummate horseman, not only a superb rider and talented coach, but also an astute observer of horses. He learnt the hard way about the importance of the early recognition of injuries which can otherwise have potentially devastating consequences for an event horse’s career. He continues to put those lessons into practice.’
- Dr Sue Dyson MA VetMB PhD DEO FRCVS

‘I have known Owen Moore both professionally and personally for the past ten years. Owen is a gifted horseman with a combination of natural ability and feeling, intuition and dedication to his sport. He has demonstrated phenomenal and consistent success with horses at all levels and of all abilities, from world class through to novice.

I have sent Owen numerous horses to assess with complex behavioural / subtle veterinary problems for determination of either veterinary aspects or rider / horse problems. He has been able to quickly understand the root cause of issues and I have complete faith in his ability to assess and differentiate these issues as well as suggesting appropriate approaches for rider and horse interaction problems.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Owen to other veterinarians to inform and support veterinary diagnosis and treatment. He is refreshingly candid and honest in his opinions, which I value and trust, while understanding the sensitivity of complex individual circumstances.’
- Justin Perkins BVetMed, MSc, Cert ES (Soft Tissue), Dip ECVS, MRCVS

‘He is one of the most gifted riders I have ever had the pleasure of working with.’
- Lars Sederholm

‘Owen is admired by fellow competitors as a fine and considerate horseman, with the ability to produce fit and correctly trained horses.’
- Heather Holgate

‘I have known Owen Moore for approximately 25 years, and seen him develop into a knowledgeable all-round horseman. He is very thorough and experienced in educating and producing both horses and riders to the highest level.’
- Yogi Breisner - British Eventing World Class Performance Manager

‘Owen has both ridden horses for me, and taught me for several years. As a rider he is exceptionally talented, exceptionally thorough and will always get 100% from a horse. He has taught me on novice horses through to advanced, at home and at events. Since working with Owen, I feel my riding, my horses, my confidence and my results have improved hugely. He takes a genuine interest, and when things don't go to plan, will work hard to put things right. There is nobody I would rather have at an event to try to program me to ride the courses. I have complete confidence in every bit of advice he can give.’
- Jo Wise - Advanced and CCI*** Competitor

‘I have great admiration for Owen. He has retrained my 'High flying group winning ex racehorse into a talented eventer'. Twilight Blues 'Twiglet' is a tricky horse, sensitive, talented, and highly intelligent, Owen has always known which buttons to press, he understands him and sympathises with his 'issues', together with Owens brilliant sense of humour, they shine, and I as an owner always have a smile on my face.’
- Hayley Austin - Owner of Ex-Racehorse ‘Twilight Blues’

‘I've known Owen for 12 years and I have always found him to be genuine, kind hearted, sincere "and loyal. He is very good company to be with, he has a great sense of humour. As a rider I think Owen has a lot of feel and he is patient and kind to his horses, he has a good depth of knowledge in all phases so he is able to impart that to the horses and successfully train them to a high standard. Similarly he has an empathy which allows him to do exactly the same to riders that he is training.’
- Tracie Robinson - Team GBR Dressage Coach/World Class Performance Dressage Coach

‘I have known Owen for over 20 years and throughout that time he has ridden and competed my event horses. He is a thorough, dedicated and a hugely effective rider who always brings out the best in a horse. With some of my very average horses he has had huge success and as an owner I have derived a tremendous amount of fun being involved with such a professional rider. His advice is invaluable and invariably works with the young horses we are bringing on. Latterly he has been regularly teaching my daughter and helping her prepare for competition. I am indebted to Owen for doing a superb job – together they ride and train the horses and work out a programme to suit each individual one. His advice is indispensible drawing on his vast experience and his attention to detail. He ensures the training is correct from the outset and no stone is left unturned. I could not recommend anyone more highly to advise and mentor a rider. He is truly gifted and a pleasure to deal with.’
- Sam Sandberg - Lyneham Heath Farm

‘Janet and I have known Owen for more than 10 years. He is without question one of the finest horsemen we have met with a huge knowledge of these fine animals. This shows in his teaching at all levels with his kind, gentle and extremely professional approach.’
- Chris and Janet Badger - Crown Farm, Ascott under Wychwood, Oxfordshire

‘I have known Owen for several years. He has been incredibly kind and generous over the years helping me by riding my horses, selling them for me, and teaching me. He is always willing to help others with his generous nature and knowledge.’
- Sharon Hunt - International and Olympic Event Rider

‘I have watched Owen ride for many years and have helped him with his dressage on many occasions. I consider him to be a true 'horseman'. He is gifted with instinctive and natural feel and an understanding of how to get the best from his horses. He has a good eye and a clear understanding of the correct way of going. His vast experience in dealing with all types of horses will be of benefit to his clients and pupils.’
- Judy Harvey (FBHS) - Grand Prix dressage rider/FEI International dressage judge/GB Dressage team selector

‘Owen has given me guidance in all aspects of horsemanship and eventing, teaching me to raise my game. He has encouraged and helped me with my very difficult mare Frankie. Owen's intelligence, tact and positive approach along with a sense of humour, has taught me to understand Frankie’s needs. We have now dropped at least 10 penalties from the dressage phase at events.’
- Rhea Macleod - JRN/1*Competitor

‘Owen has been an amazing influence to me over the last several years. He had nurtured my riding from pony club level to Intermediate eventing, with great success! At home, Owen has taught me how to get the best out of every horse, whether it is to produce and sell, or train to be a competition horse. At competitions, he has a meticulous eye for everything the rider and horse are doing, to him they are minor adjustments, however they improve the combinations results hugely. Also, Owen has ridden my horses and competed them from BE100 to advanced level. Having taking my current horse Valentino III to advanced level in only 4 runs is a pretty good indicator of what Owen is like as a competitor! Watching my horses have so much confidence in him and getting fantastic results, is a great feeling for any owner to have!’
- Sammi Wirdnam- Intermediate/CIC** Competitor

‘Owen Moore has been part of our lives for 16 years. For me, he is one of the finest horsemen I have had the privilege to meet; observe and learn from. His application to detail tailored to each individual horse and ability of getting the absolute best out of them, whatever their strengths or weaknesses, is a rare talent. He took us to Badminton riding our beloved Gigolo II, finding himself and Gigolo on the list for Sydney 2000. But, it was not to be as Gigolo's life was cut short. He still rides and brings on horses for us (by now the tenth) and never ceases to inspire and amaze....
As a person, I could not wish for a better and more loyal or true friend.’
- Princess Beatrice of Saxe Weimar Eisenach

‘I have known Owen for too long to be remembered and have relished every moment. He is a truly exceptional horseman with an utterly unique talent. He first entered my life in the role of instructor. The confidence, understanding, patience and enjoyment he generated in a school-aged child were never equalled by any other. He always strives to engender the best in both horse and rider using methods and language which are not only easily understood but also become instantly translated into results. I am still fortunate to receive lessons and maintain that I have not had a better trainer. He treats each rider and horse as individuals and his dedication, knowledge and patience allow a real partnership to develop between the horse and rider as trust is established through Owen's guidance. As a rider he displays the same attributes and his natural talent is at times somewhat humbling!! He has an innate ability to conjure the best out of any horse; those of limited capability who manage to scale heights thought unimaginable and those possessing huge talent from the onset. Through all the joint experiences and memories gathered with horses, I now consider Owen to be a member of our family and not merely a friend.’
- Princess Beatrice of Saxe Weimar Eisenach

‘I worked for Owen for two seasons when I was competing as a young rider and learnt a huge amount from him. Not only is he a brilliant teacher, he has the ability to ride and gel with different types of horses. I owe much of my success to Owen - he's been a great mentor and someone who I very much admire.’
- Mike Jackson – Professional Event Rider

‘Owen has ridden horses for me over the years when I have been unable to (through pregnancy etc). He is a lovely sympathetic rider and I would always trust him to bring out the best in any horse. He has a great personality and is a popular character in the eventing world!’
- Anna Hilton – Professional Event Rider

‘We had a fantastic time working with Owen. He agreed to take on our very difficult one star event horse who was so difficult that every other professional had given up on him and he was almost unrideable. Owen believed in his future potential and, with enormous skill, unequalled patience and fabulous good humour gained his confidence, understood all his complexities, completely retrained him in all three phases and went on to compete him very successfully at 3 star level. As owners Owen always made us feel part of the process, keeping us involved and indulging our need to do our bit even at the biggest international competitions. It’s obvious that Owen is a very talented rider but he is also an extremely easy and fun professional to work with, showing much patience and tolerance of owners like ourselves who spend a lot of time worrying about our equine babies! We learnt a tremendous amount from Owen and owe him a great deal.’
- Diane Brunsden & Peter Catell - Owners of 4* event horse 'Major Milestone'

‘Owen has made an enormous impact on my riding. He is a genuine horseman and truly someone to emulate, he instinctively is able to get into the mind of a horse. His attention to detail ensures no stone is left unturned in the education and production of a horse. In addition to Owen's enormous repertoire of training exercises is his kindness outside the arena, constantly offering his experience in all other areas, from fitness to soundness to stable management practises. He takes a real interest in competitive progress and goes well beyond the call of duty by coming to many competitions where his warming in and course walking is inspiring, insightful and invaluable. Owen deservedly has an excellent reputation and demands respect, yet he is down to earth and extremely generous.’
- Tom Rowland - CCI*** Competitor

‘Owen rode my event horses at the start of the 2010 season due to me suffering an injury. Throughout this time I have found someone who not only has an amazing understanding for horses but also for the owner/rider of the horses. There is nothing worse than sitting at the side of the arena or hobbling across the cross country course to watch your pride and joys compete, when you wish you could do it yourself. This wasn't the case, Owen always came back with either a huge amount of praise or fantastic criticism to how he/myself could improve the horse for the future. For my mental state he helped me turn all the negatives into positives and I always knew I could count on him for any advice. This obviously, to a young rider hoping to achieve anything that Owen has done in his time, is priceless knowledge. Although I am back in the saddle Owen is still so supportive and always asks how the horses are going, I'll definitely be tapping his number into my phone if I’m ever out of action or need help again.’
- Sarah Stretton – Professional Event Rider